Relive the Best of 2007 with These Top Hits

Music has always been a significant aspect of our lives, especially when it comes to reminiscing memories from the past. The year 2007 was no exception as it witnessed some of the biggest hits in the music industry. From feel-good pop songs to deep emotional ballads, the top songs of 2007 had something for everyone. In this blog post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and look at the most popular songs of that year.

What Music Was Trending in 2007?

Before we dive into the top 100 songs of 2007, let’s take a look at the music climate of that time. The year 2007 gave birth to some iconic pop-culture moments, such as Britney Spears’ infamous head-shaving incident, the release of the first iPhone, and the premiere of Mad Men. Similarly, the music industry experienced its fair share of ups and downs.

In terms of music trends, we saw a rise in electronic dance music (EDM), with artists like Tiësto, David Guetta, and Calvin Harris producing some of the most energetic and upbeat tracks of the year. Additionally, hip-hop and R&B continued to dominate the charts, with popular artists like Justin Timberlake, Akon, and Rihanna ranking high on the Billboard charts.

Top Songs of 2007

Without further ado, here are the top 100 songs of 2007:

  1. Beyonce feat. Shakira – Beautiful Liar
  2. Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
  3. Fergie – Glamorous
  4. Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around… Comes Around
  5. Rihanna feat. Jay-Z – Umbrella

The year 2007 witnessed a mix of pop, R&B, hip-hop, and rock music, with many artists achieving mainstream popularity. The top 100 songs of this year featured a diverse range of music genres, and the list was dominated by solo artists like Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna. Among these, the most notable entry in the list was Plain White T’s Hey There Delilah, a romantic acoustic ballad that took the world by storm.

What Was the #1 Song of 2007?

The #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 of 2007 was Beyonce and Shakira’s Beautiful Liar. This catchy track was an instant hit, peaking at #3 in the Billboard Hot 100. The song is a fusion of two languages and two iconic artists, Beyonce and Shakira, delivering an energetic and upbeat performance. The music video featured both artists showcasing their dance skills, and it garnered millions of views on Youtube.

Top Songs of 2008

2008 was another year that witnessed some of the best music moments in the industry, with many artists reaching the height of their careers. Some of the most popular tracks of this year included Chris Brown’s Forever, Rihanna’s Disturbia, and Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl. Similarly, the Jonas Brothers also emerged in 2008 with their hit Lovebug.

Top Songs of 2005 and 2006

While we’re on the topic of nostalgia, let’s not forget the top songs of 2005 and 2006. The year 2005 saw the emergence of Gwen Stefani’s Hollaback Girl, which secured its place in music history as one of the most recognizable pop songs ever. Additionally, 2006 introduced us to Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy, which dominated the charts worldwide.

Pop Songs from 2007

Let’s take a closer look at the pop songs that defined 2007. Fergie’s Glamorous, featuring Ludacris, was a fun and catchy track that climbed the charts rapidly, reaching #1 in the US. This song’s theme is about living your best life and having it all, and the music video showcases Fergie’s luxurious lifestyle.

Another pop hit from 2007 was Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around… Comes Around, which topped the charts worldwide. This song resonated with listeners and showcased Timberlake’s versatile vocal range while exploring themes of love and karma.


The year 2007 was undoubtedly a great year for music. The top songs of that year encompassed a diverse range of genres and made an impact on music lovers worldwide. Whether you’re looking to reminisce about the past or explore new music, this list of top songs from 2007 has got you covered. So turn up the volume and relive the memories of this iconic year!