The Best Doobie Brothers Songs: Top Chart Singles and Fan Favorites

From Listen to the Music to China Grove, the Doobie Brothers have created some of the most memorable rock songs of all time. With their signature blend of rock, soul, and country elements, the Doobie Brothers have remained a beloved band for decades.

But did the Doobie Brothers have any number one hits? What are they most famous for? And what are the top Doobie Brothers songs that you need to add to your music library right now? In this post, we’ll explore all of these questions and more.

Who are the Doobie Brothers?

The Doobie Brothers formed in 1970 in San Jose, California. The original lineup consisted of Tom Johnston, Patrick Simmons, Dave Shogren, and drummer John Hartman. The band’s early music was heavily influenced by country rock, with a sound that blended rock and roll with harmonized vocals.

Over the years, the Doobie Brothers’ lineup would change several times. Johnston and Simmons remained constants, with additional members joining and leaving the band as time went on. Despite these changes, the band continued to produce hits and remain a popular mainstay of classic rock radio.

What Are the Doobie Brothers Famous For?

The Doobie Brothers are perhaps best known for their unique blend of rock, soul, and country music. Their versatility and ability to blend different genres helped them become one of the most popular bands of the 1970s.

The band’s extensive catalog of hits has also contributed to their enduring popularity. From Listen to the Music to What a Fool Believes, the Doobie Brothers have produced countless classic rock songs that remain beloved to this day.

Did the Doobie Brothers Have any Number One Hits?

Yes, the Doobie Brothers had several number one hits over the course of their career. Perhaps the most famous of these is What a Fool Believes, which topped the charts in 1979. The song was written by Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins and features McDonald on lead vocals.

Other Doobie Brothers songs that reached number one include Black Water (1974) and Takin’ it to the Streets (1976). Each of these songs showcases a different side of the band’s sound, from the country-influenced Black Water to the soulful Takin’ it to the Streets.

Doobie Brothers Top Songs: Chart Singles and Fan Favorites

In addition to their number one hits, the Doobie Brothers have produced countless chart singles and fan favorites over the years. Here are just a few of the band’s most popular songs:

Listen to the Music

Listen to the Music is perhaps the Doobie Brothers’ most recognizable song. Released in 1972, it features a driving guitar riff and catchy harmony vocals. The song’s positive message and upbeat sound have made it a staple of classic rock radio.

China Grove

With its memorable guitar riff and hard-driving beat, China Grove is another Doobie Brothers classic. The song was released in 1973 and features Tom Johnston on lead vocals.

Long Train Runnin’

Long Train Runnin’ is a funky, uptempo number that showcases the band’s soulful side. The song was released in 1973 and features Johnston on lead vocals.

What a Fool Believes

As mentioned above, What a Fool Believes was a number one hit for the Doobie Brothers in 1979. With its smooth, soulful vibe and memorable keyboard riff, the song remains a classic to this day.

Black Water

Black Water is another Doobie Brothers hit that showcases the band’s country influences. Released in 1974, the song features Patrick Simmons on lead vocals and includes references to the Mississippi River.

Doobie Brothers Songs with Lyrics

If you’re looking for Doobie Brothers songs with lyrics, you’re in luck. All of the songs discussed in this post feature easily accessible lyrics that can be found online or in liner notes.

In addition, many of the Doobie Brothers’ albums include lyrics sheets, making it easy to follow along with your favorite songs.

YouTube Doobie Brothers: Listen to the Music

If you’re looking to listen to the Doobie Brothers on YouTube, there are plenty of great options available. In addition to official music videos, you can find live performances, rare recordings, and fan-made videos showcasing the band’s best songs.

A simple search for Doobie Brothers on YouTube will yield a wealth of results, so grab your headphones and start listening!

How Many Top 40 Hits Did the Doobie Brothers Have?

The Doobie Brothers had a total of 16 top 40 hits over the course of their career. These hits spanned several decades and included songs from a variety of genres.

Perhaps most impressive is the fact that the band remained relevant and popular through changing musical trends, adapting their sound to fit the times without sacrificing their signature style.

Doobie Brothers Most Famous Song

While the Doobie Brothers have produced many famous songs over the years, Listen to the Music is perhaps the band’s most iconic track. Its positive message and infectious groove have made it a staple of classic rock radio and a fan favorite for decades.

Doobie Brothers Songs from the 70s

The 1970s were a particularly fruitful time for the Doobie Brothers, with many of their biggest hits coming from this decade. In addition to the songs already mentioned in this post, some other notable Doobie Brothers songs from the 70s include:

  • Jesus Is Just Alright
  • Rockin’ Down the Highway
  • Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)
  • It Keeps You Runnin’

YouTube Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits

If you’re looking for a comprehensive playlist of the Doobie Brothers’ greatest hits, you can’t go wrong with searching for Doobie Brothers Greatest Hits on YouTube. This will bring up a variety of fan-made playlists featuring the band’s best songs, as well as live performances and rare recordings.

Who Sang the Most Doobie Brothers Songs?

While several members of the Doobie Brothers contributed lead vocals to the band’s tracks over the years, Tom Johnston and Patrick Simmons were the most prolific singers. Each contributed lead vocals to many of the band’s biggest hits, and their unique styles helped define the Doobie Brothers’ sound.

In conclusion, the Doobie Brothers remain one of the most beloved bands of all time, with a catalog of hits that spans several decades and genres. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the group’s music, the songs discussed in this post are a great place to start.