The Story of Boston’s “More Than a Feeling”

If you’re a fan of classic rock, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Boston’s hit song, More Than a Feeling. Released in 1976, the song has become one of the most iconic tracks in rock and roll history. But do you know the story behind the song and the band who created it? In this post, we’ll explore the origins of More Than a Feeling and the rise of the legendary band, Boston.

Who is the band Boston?

Before we dive into More Than a Feeling, let’s first take a look at the band behind the song. Boston was formed in 1976 by Tom Scholz, a college-educated musician and engineer based in Massachusetts. Scholz had been tinkering with his own music for years, and in the early 70s, he began collaborating with singer Brad Delp, who had a powerful and distinctive voice.

With the addition of guitarist Barry Goudreau, drummer Sib Hashian, and bassist Fran Sheehan, Boston’s lineup was complete. The band’s sound combined catchy pop hooks with soaring guitar solos and vocal harmonies. This unique blend of elements would go on to define the sound of classic rock in the late 70s and early 80s.

What song is Boston known for?

Boston’s self-titled debut album was released in 1976 and immediately made a huge impact. The album went on to sell over 17 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling debut albums of all time. One of the standout tracks on the album is, of course, More Than a Feeling.

Who Sang Boston’s More Than a Feeling?

As mentioned earlier, More Than a Feeling features lead vocals by Brad Delp, who was known for his powerful and emotive singing style. Delp sadly passed away in 2007, but his voice and legacy live on through Boston’s music.

What was the band Boston’s biggest hit?

While More Than a Feeling is undoubtedly Boston’s most famous song, the band had several other hits throughout their career. Peace of Mind, Don’t Look Back, and Amanda all charted well and remain fan favorites to this day.

Who is the woman in Boston More Than a Feeling?

In the music video for More Than a Feeling, a young woman can be seen driving a car and listening to the song on the radio. The actress who appears in the video is Laurie Burtt, who had a brief career in film and television in the 70s and 80s.

Boston More Than a Feeling Video Actress

As mentioned earlier, Laurie Burtt appeared in the music video for More Than a Feeling. Despite her brief career in the entertainment industry, Burtt has become a memorable part of Boston’s legacy thanks to her appearance in the iconic video.

What is the meaning behind More Than a Feeling?

The lyrics of More Than a Feeling are simple but powerful. The song was inspired by Tom Scholz’s memories of falling in love as a teenager and the rush of emotions that came with those experiences. In many ways, More Than a Feeling captures the joy and innocence of young love, making it a timeless and relatable track for generations of listeners.

Boston More Than a Feeling Chords and Tab

If you’re a musician looking to learn how to play More Than a Feeling, there are plenty of resources available online. You can find chord charts and tabs for the song on sites like Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr. Practice those chords and solos, and you’ll be rocking out to this classic track in no time.

Boston More Than a Feeling Vinyl

For fans who want to experience More Than a Feeling in its purest form, vinyl is the way to go. Boston’s self-titled debut album has been reissued several times over the years and is available on high-quality vinyl from a variety of retailers. There’s nothing quite like the warmth and depth of sound that you get from vinyl, making it the perfect way to experience More Than a Feeling in all its glory.

YouTube Boston More Than a Feeling

Of course, for those who just want to listen to More Than a Feeling right now, YouTube is the place to go. The official Boston YouTube channel features the original music video for the song, as well as countless live performances and covers by other artists. Whatever your preferred way of listening to music may be, More Than a Feeling is a track that never gets old.

In Conclusion

More Than a Feeling is more than just a song – it’s a cultural touchstone that has remained relevant and beloved for over four decades. With its soaring guitar riffs, catchy hooks, and emotive vocals, the song captures the essence of classic rock and the power of love and nostalgia. Whether you’re a die-hard Boston fan or just a casual listener, there’s no denying the impact that More Than a Feeling has had on the world of music.