The Ultimate Guide to Lofi Songs: Meaning, History, and Top Picks

If you’re a fan of chill and laid-back music that can help you focus or relax, you’ve probably heard of lofi songs. With its slow and soothing beats, lofi music has gained a huge following in recent years, especially among students who use it for studying and concentration. But what are lofi songs exactly? Why are they so popular? And what are some of the top picks you should check out?

In this guide, we will explore all of these questions and more as we dive into the world of lofi music.

What is the Meaning of Lofi Songs?

Lofi, short for Low Fidelity, is a genre of music that emphasizes imperfections and rawness over polished production. Lofi songs typically feature a combination of sampling, looping, and analog synthesizers, resulting in a nostalgic and dreamy sound that can transport listeners to a different time or place.

The origins of lofi music can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s, when a group of avant-garde composers experimented with tape machines and other recording equipment to create unconventional music. Over time, lofi music has evolved to encompass different sub-genres and styles, from jazz and hip-hop to ambient and indie rock.

Why are Lofi Songs Popular?

There are many reasons why lofi songs have become so popular in recent years. For one, they offer a unique listening experience that is different from mainstream pop or rock music. Lofi songs are often described as calming and relaxing, making them perfect for studying or meditating.

Another reason why lofi music has gained a huge following is its accessibility. With platforms like Spotify and YouTube, listeners can easily discover new lofi songs and playlists, and create their own personalized soundtracks for different moods and activities.

What are Some of the Most Popular Lofi Songs?

If you’re new to lofi music and want to explore some of the most popular picks, check out the following songs:

  • Lofi Girl by ChilledCow
  • Dreams by Joakim Karud
  • Butterfly by Weirddough
  • Alone by Jinsang
  • I M U R by SwuM

These songs are just a few examples of the vast world of lofi music, so feel free to explore and discover your own favorites!

Lofi Songs for Studying

One of the most popular use cases for lofi music is studying and concentration. With its slow and repetitive beats, lofi music can keep you focused and in the zone for hours at a time. Here are some top picks for lofi songs to listen to while studying:

  • Studying by Korporal K
  • Midnight Jazz by New York Jazz Lounge
  • The Rain by Felix Heydemann
  • Saudade by Vanilla
  • Rainy Days by Tokyo Music Walker

Lofi Songs with Lyrics and Vocals

While many lofi songs are instrumental, there are also plenty of tracks with lyrics and vocals that can add another layer of emotion and depth to the music. Here are some popular picks for lofi songs with lyrics:

  • Lonely by truwav.?
  • I Wonder Why by Idealism
  • Flowers by Aso
  • Without You by Nohidea
  • Loving Someone You Lost by Greenface

Is Lofi Music Healthy?

Many people wonder about the health benefits of listening to lofi music, especially for relaxation and anxiety relief. While there is no scientific consensus on this topic, some studies suggest that listening to slow and calming music can help reduce stress and improve mood.

Additionally, many people find that lofi music helps them focus and concentrate, leading to increased productivity and creativity. However, as with any music or sound, individual results may vary, so it’s best to try it out for yourself and see how it affects you.

Why Was Lofi Taken Down?

One of the most famous cases of lofi music being taken down was when YouTube temporarily removed the popular Lofi Girl live stream in February 2021. The reason for the removal was a copyright claim on one of the samples used in the video.

The incident sparked a debate over copyright laws and fair use in music sampling, and eventually led to the restoration of the Lofi Girl stream with new original music. While this episode shows the challenges and complexities of creating and sharing lofi music, it also highlights the resilience and creativity of the lofi community.

Lofi Songs on Spotify and YouTube

If you’re looking for more lofi songs and playlists, there are many options available on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. Here are some links to get you started:


Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, lofi music has something to offer for everyone. From its raw and unique sound to its calming and soothing effect, lofi songs have become a staple of modern music. So the next time you need some background music for studying, relaxing, or just chilling out, give lofi a try and see where it takes you!