Twice Playlist: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Songs

If there’s one thing all Twice fans can agree on, it’s that the girls have some seriously addictive tunes. But with so many songs to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start when curating your ultimate Twice playlist. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you! In this guide, we’ll take you through the best of Twice’s discography, from their title tracks to their beloved b-sides, so you can create the perfect playlist to suit your mood.

The Essentials: Twice Title Track Playlist

Let’s start with the basics. Twice’s title tracks are the most well-known songs and a good place to begin if you’re new to the group. Here are some of our top picks:

  1. Like Ooh-Ahh (2015): This song marked Twice’s debut and instantly became a hit, introducing the world to their infectious sound and dance moves.
  2. Cheer Up (2016): Another classic, Cheer Up features a catchy chorus and playful music video that helped cement Twice’s status as one of K-Pop’s leading girl groups.
  3. TT (2016): With its Halloween-themed music video and dance moves that spawned a viral trend, TT is a fan favorite and one of Twice’s most iconic songs.
  4. Knock Knock (2017): This bouncy track combines melodic hooks with a catchy beat, making it a must-add to any Twice playlist.
  5. What is Love? (2018): What is Love? showcases the group’s more mature sound and comes complete with a romantic music video that pays homage to classic movie scenes.

Going Deeper: Best B-Sides and MV Playlists

Beyond their title tracks, Twice boasts an impressive catalog of b-sides and music videos that deserve just as much attention. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Fancy (2019): This moody track has a lush, atmospheric sound that’s perfect for sultry summer nights.
  2. Feel Special (2019): Written as a message to their fans, Feel Special is an emotional ballad with soaring highs and introspective lows.
  3. More & More (2020): This funky track blends retro-inspired synths and percussion with modern production for a fresh take on the classic Twice sound.
  4. Shadow (2019): A hidden gem on the Feel Special album, Shadow is a stripped-down ballad that showcases the group’s intricate vocal harmonies.
  5. Heart Shaker (2017): With its sweet melody and playful lyrics, Heart Shaker is a fan favorite and a must-have on any b-side playlist.

To make the most of your Twice listening experience, we recommend checking out their MV playlists on YouTube. These collections include all of the girls’ music videos in chronological order, giving you a sense of how their sound and style have evolved over the years.

All-Time Favorites: Top 10 Twice Songs

Of course, with so many good songs to choose from, narrowing down a top 10 is no easy task. But after much deliberation, here are our personal picks for the best of Twice:

  1. TT
  2. Fancy
  3. Cheer Up
  4. Feel Special
  5. What is Love?
  6. More & More
  7. Knock Knock
  8. Likey (2017)
  9. Heart Shaker
  10. Yes or Yes (2018)

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out fan discussions on forums like Reddit to see which Twice songs are most beloved in the fandom. Some helpful threads to get you started include Best Twice Songs Reddit and What Song Made Twice Famous?.

FAQs: The Most Searched Questions About Twice Songs

To wrap things up, here are some of the most commonly searched questions about Twice and their music:

  • How many songs does Twice have all in all? As of 2021, Twice has released 88 songs across seven Korean and four Japanese studio albums.
  • What is the most listened Twice song? While it’s hard to know for sure, TT is often cited as the group’s most-viewed music video on YouTube, with over 590 million views.
  • How many number 1 hits does Twice have? In Korea, Twice has achieved 11 number 1 hits on the Gaon Digital Chart, as well as several more on international charts.
  • Does Twice make their own songs? While the girls have contributed to writing and composing some of their music, they primarily work with outside producers and songwriters.
  • What is the order of Twice songs? While there’s no official order, you can find chronological playlists on streaming services like Spotify to get a sense of how their music has evolved over time.

We hope this guide has helped you discover some new gems in the Twice discography, or simply re-affirmed your love for the group’s catchy, feel-good tunes. Happy listening!